Cattle Breeds

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Fleckvieh / Simmental

Fleckvieh with over 1,5 million animals has the biggest distribution area in Austria starting from the alpines regions down to the intensive lowlands in the eastern part with hot summer climates. Under good management conditions the Fleckvieh achieves a milk production which is comparable to those of pure dairy breeds in combination with very good beef production. A very big focus in laid on fitness traits, fertility, longevity, easy calving, vitality of calves, somatic cell counts and persistency in addition to good confirmation and udder shape. Outstanding dual purpose breed with high capacity to produce milk and beef in one animal. Adapts easily to different management and feeding conditions. Second biggest dairy breed in the world with growing population on the whole globe thanks to outstanding features:

  • typical dual-purpose breed for milk and beef
  • milk production from 7500kg - 11 000kg per lactation according to feeding intensity and management
  • low somatic cell count
  • high solids (4,20% F, 3,46 % P)
  • robust, fertile with good longevity
  • short intercalving period
  • suitable for big loose housing system, pasture and attached stable systems in small holdings
  • heat and cold tolerant
  • high carcasse weights up to 500 kg with bulls and up to 400 kg with cows
  • high prices for bull calves
  • daily gain of bulls in feedlots approx. 1300 g
  • carcasse about 58%
  • easy calving and exceptional good maternal instinct



Brown Swiss

A robust dairy breed with dual purpose features. Main breeding areas: Western and Central Austria. High milk production and a high share of Kappa-Kasein B existence provide a good base for economic cheese production. 

Amongst the fitness traits fertility, calving ease (95% normal births), udder health and excellent feet & legs are the most important points. The genetically based longevity and the high share of young animals spending their youth in the Alps result in the highest percentage of longevity cows.

Adapts easily to different management and feeding conditions. 

  • High milk production from 7.500kg - 11.000 kg per lactation
  • Low somatic cell count and good udder health
  • high solids (4,15% F, 3,47% P)
  • high longevity
  • good feet and legs
  • heat tolerant



Holstein - Friesian

Austrian Holstein cattle can be found throughout the whole country. Holstein Frisians and Red Holsteins are high performing dairy cows. The base are a good adaptability, high ground fodder intake, stable health. 

The good udders with good milk speed facilitate high daily milk production and fulfill all requirements for modern milking technology.

Holstein is the Number-one dairy breed in many parts of the world. Thanks to our connections we can assure a good availibility of animals.

  • high production from 8000 to 12.000 kg per lactation
  • early maturing
  • for big herds with good farm management and high feeding capacity
  • also Red Holsteins available




Beef breeds

The beef breeds are used in pure breeding as well as in commercial crossings with dairy and dual purpose breeds. The following breeds are available: Charolais, Blonde d’Aquitaine, Belgium-Blue, Limousin, Angus, Beef Simmental, Scottish Highland, Galloway, Hereford and other beef breeds.




The Pinzgauer cattle is mainly found in the alpine regions. The breed is famous for its robustness combined with good milk and beef production. More positive features are best feet & legs and excellent pigmentation. The Pinzgauer cow is able to produce satisfying milk yield under low-input feeding conditions and in harsh environments.




Tyrolian Grey

A real alpine breed with good milk and beef production in relation to its body weight with very low input and low concentrate feeding. Almost all animals spend the summer in the Alps which contributes to an outstanding health. Well known for good beef production. The breed in used in many countries with poor feeding base to achieve nevertheless satisfying yields.



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