Mother cows

Laufende Angebote von Mutterkühe/trächtige Kalbinnen


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Continuously  we have a hug offer of mother cows, pregnant with calve or without, pregnant heifers etc. Fill your demand with the best prices. Furthermore we can also deliver bulls from every race which are capable of grazing! Mr. SCHALK Karl has specialized since a long time on merchandising mother cows, pregnant heifers and pregnant cows!

The animals will get selected as the customer desires. Furthermore we merchandise mother cows – herds from Hungary and Slovakia, which are mostly offered in bigger quantities.

Interested: 0043 664/2441852

The animals live healthy and luckily in the free nature. The calves are growing up with their mothers. From springtime till to autumn every mother cow feeds her own calve and besides there is fresh gras.


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